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Dear St. Philippians,

Many of you have wondered and asked about the status of calling a Rector for our church. The Vestry appointed the following members for a Search Committee: Emily Brazzell, Jan Brown, Anne Bush, Pam Foster, Doug Kimbro, George Kurz, Edward Miller, Joel Miller, Patrick Rice, Sharon Thompson, and Blair Vanstone. Emily is our Vestry Liaison. George was elected to Chair the Committee,  Blair was elected as Co-Chair, and Doug was elected Secretary. The Vestry expects the Committee to develop a list of 3 names for their consideration and has approved a budget of $25,000 (not including relocation costs) for the expenses of the search process. The Vestry will conduct the final interviews with candidates with information and comments from the Committee. The Vestry submitted a Parish Profile to the Bishop’s office for publication on the EC-USA’s website. Based on that information, Candidates may apply from anywhere in the USA (including PR and the VI). Candidates may also be nominated by people in our parish. The Bishop’s office suggested that we set a deadline for nominations/applications around the first week of September. (This date is tentative since the Committee needs to review that schedule.)  All the nominations and applications will be screened by the Bishop’s office, and the Committee will see the list of candidates after the deadline for the first time. The process we are using is explained in guidance entitled: “Congregational Transition Procedures, Diocese of Tennessee 2020.” Our charge and commitment is to make the process totally open and transparent and to keep the Vestry and congregation informed about the progress of our work. However, names, conversations, committee deliberations, opinions, etc. will be kept confidential. A nomination form for use by members of the congregation is available from any committee member or the church office. Please complete this form if you know of a person to be considered, and send to our committee Secretary, Doug Kimbro. We will only accept nominations on this form because it includes a certification of confidentiality. If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to contact me or anyone on the committee (contact information below).


George Kurz

Emily Brazzell 318.265.0203
Jan Brown 615.337.4622
Anne Bush 615.513.1206
Pam Foster 615.390.0704
Doug Kimbro 615.202.5055
George Kurz 615.714.6120
Edward Miller 615.440.3249
Joel Miller 615.405.9550
Patrick Rice 515.770.3496
Sharon Thompson 615.691.3537
Blair Vanstone 615.339.4226


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