With 2020 coming to an end, we look to 2021 for relief, inspiration, and sense of hopefulness for a better year. Not just an end or an abatement of Covid-19, but also for St Philips specifically. We are hopeful with anticipation in our search for a full time Rector. We enter into our involvement with Project Thrive inspired to create energy in our church and our community to make our little corner of the world a better place. And we pray for relief from the trials of 2020. Relief from illness, fear, worry, and financial constraints.

I’m inspired and grateful to all who have maintained their commitment to supporting St Philips with pledges and gifts in a year of unprecedented struggle. With our expenses being reduced and interest earned on investments, we have been able to meet our monthly expenditures. However, as we transition closer to hiring a new Rector, we must expect our annual, monthly, and weekly expenses to rise again. It will require a Spiritual Discipline to commit to reaching our goals for St Philips in 2021 and beyond.

Please carefully and prayerfully consider your pledge for 2021. But I would also ask you to keep that sense of hopefulness and inspiration when filling out your pledge card for next year. Thank you all, and May the Peace of The Lord be Always With You.

Douglas Kimbro, Junior Warden/Stewardship Chair

9 Reasons for Proportional Giving

  1. It guides us by providing a method of intelligent giving.
  2. It helps us by freeing our church leaders from a pre-occupation with money for the more important task of ministering to people.
  3. It places us all, rich or poor, on an equal footing before God.
  4. It helps us by enabling our church to speak not about money in a begging attitude, but about responsibility in a dignified manner.
  5. It shows us in a concrete manner the everyday meaning of real gratitude to God for the many things He has given to us.
  6. By making us responsible with a fixed percent of our income, it teaches us responsibility in the handling of our possessions.
  7. Like all truly Christian living, it brings us the joy of an honest and important participation in God’s work in this world.
  8. It places us in a mighty tradition because it has scriptural authority.
  9. It helps us to see that all of living, even the making of a personal budget, and the spending of money, can be done to God’s glory.

We can learn so much from the wisdom of those who came before us. As St Philips was transitioning into a parish after being a church plant, those responsible for our church at its very beginnings presented the case for “Proportionate Giving” with 9 reasoned and thoughtful rationales. Please read through this letter, dating from 1959.